GCASH Travel Now Pay Later


Travel Now and Pay later

using TravelOnline / AirAsia GCash Merchant QR Code

TravelOnline Clients can use GCash’s installment payment options to book and pay for local and international travel packages or AirAsia tickets on TravelOnline branches, AirAsia Alabang or online by simply scanning our MERCHANG QR CODE below.

GCash is committed to providing accessible, safer, and better digital financial solutions and payment methods to Filipinos. With its GGives and GCredit features, GCash allows users to travel now and pay later, and maximize their mobile wallet for seamless digital transactions and convenient shopping.

Here’s how you can shop now and pay later with GCash:

  • Enjoy easy and convenient shopping with GGives. With GGives, you can purchase items up to P25,000 and pay for them later in up to 12 installments. To qualify, you must have an eligible GScore.
  • Make the most of your GCash wallet with GCredit. GCredit is a personal credit line that is linked to your GCash account. You can use GCredit to make purchases online or in-store and you will have up to 30 days to pay for your balance without incurring interest. The amount of your credit line will depend on your GScore.

How to unlock these payment options? No need to fill up long forms and submit numerous documents. Simply keep using the many convenient features of GCash such as Pay Bills, Send Money, GInvest, GLife, and GSave to increase your GScore and avail of GCredit and GGives. So, next time you pay with GCash, be sure to ask for the GCash QR code so you can easily shop now and pay later at any of GCash partner merchants for a smooth transaction!

For more information, visit How Do I Pay Merchants via QR Code?


TravelOnline- No.1 Travel Agency in the Philippines with the most number of Facebook fans (over 1.4 Million).
We had been in business for over 20 years (since 2002) and were featured on many local TV shows in GMA & ABS CBN.
We are also the franchise owner of AirAsia Travel And Service Center Alabang.
Feel free to contact us or visit any of our branches below.
BRANCH 1: 1403 – 14th floor Entrata building (crimson Hotel) Alabang.
OFFICE HOURS : Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm (appointment only)
BRANCH 2: 2nd Level Festival Supermall Alabang, (AIRASIA Store)
OFFICE HOURS: Open Daily from 10am to 9pm
EMAIL: sales@travelonline.ph
LANDLINE: (02)88333344 / (02)88732753
MOBILE: 09999913413 / 09171903344
U.S.A.: (951) 817-7800
U.K.: (020) 8123 9099
AUSTRALIA: (02) 8003 4496
FRANCE: (0977) 199 937
GERMANY: (069) 5780 4945
SWITZERLAND: (22) 548 33 58
SWEDEN: 08-55925889
HONG KONG: (8191)-1443
KOREA, SOUTH: (70) 7678-6885

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